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Credit Card Processing Solutions

Level III credit card processing with Emerald World ET
Virtual Terminals - Level III B2B/B2G processing

One stop for Distributors, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers.  Emerald World ET rules the B2B processing arena, which has very specific needs. Our B2B-B2G Payment Platform gives your client incredible line item detail, emails receipts, has an API, and reduces monthly fees by 20%-30% by helping you reach a higher qualification level.   

Emerald World ET for credit card processing
EMV ready (smart card) Terminals

Millions are still not EMV ready.  Hit us up for the latest PCI Compliant and EMV capable versions.  EMV/Apple Pay ready terminals are 300.00 flat, including programming, training, tax and overnight shipping.  

Omni VX 520
Accept ApplePay/SamsungPay -
NFC Smartphone Payments

Accept payments via iPhones and Smartphones with an Omni Vx520 CTLS terminal.  EMV ready, of course.  300.00 flat, includes overnight shipping, programming, training, and tax, if applicable.

Honest credit card processing
E-Checks/ACH/Gift Card/Dial Pay/
Cash Advance

E-Checks and ACH, and Gift/Loyalty Card programs. Cash Advance can get qualified merchants up to 80% of their monthly Visa/MC volume in a lump sum "advance".

Association Interchange Reimbursement Fees
-American Express-
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