Credit Card Processing Solutions

Virtual Terminals - Level III B2B/B2G processing

One stop for Distributors, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers.  Emerald World ET rules the B2B processing arena, which has very specific needs. Our B2B-B2G Payment Platform gives your client incredible line item detail, emails receipts, has an API, and reduces monthly fees by 20%-30% by helping you reach a higher qualification level.   

EMV ready (smart card) Terminals

Millions are still not EMV ready.  Hit us up for the latest PCI Compliant and EMV capable versions.  EMV/Apple Pay ready terminals are 300.00 flat, including programming, training, tax and overnight shipping.  

Accept ApplePay/SamsungPay -
NFC Smartphone Payments

Accept payments via iPhones and Smartphones with an Omni Vx520 CTLS terminal.  EMV ready, of course.  300.00 flat, includes overnight shipping, programming, training, and tax, if applicable.

E-Checks/ACH/Gift Card/Dial Pay/
Cash Advance

E-Checks and ACH, and Gift/Loyalty Card programs. Cash Advance can get qualified merchants up to 80% of their monthly Visa/MC volume in a lump sum "advance".

Association Interchange Reimbursement Fees
-American Express-

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