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Receive "free money" each month in ongoing residual income by referring Emerald World ET businesses for credit card processing:

A)  You provide us with the business owner's contact info and provide introduction.

B)  We save that referred business money on their monthly credit card processing fees.

B)  We handle all Underwriting, Programming, Implementation, and 24/7 Customer Service.  

C)  You receive 30% of the net residual income on the account in a monthly check.

Know any business owners who accept Visa and MasterCard?  Many are being overcharged!  

Call us: 323-512-7000 and ask for the Referral Dept.

Successful Regards,

Kelly E. Nelson


Emerald World ET, Inc.

"I appreciate it when I am buying instead of selling and find a real pro on the other side of the deal.

Kelly Nelson at Emerald World." - Paul Downs, NY Times Business