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Credit Card Processing Expertise




We can recommend the perfect virtual terminal to integrate to the shopping cart of your choice. We can also offer programming guidance to help your cards qualify for the correct Interchange every time.  And with Debit Interchange now at .05% + .22 per transaction it has never cost less to start an E-Commerce business. 


​Non Profits


Set up a recurring billing platform to help keep donors donating on a regular basis.  We also have a web developer who can custom design the donation platform to your exact specifications.  And to pay the lowest possible rates, we set our merchants up correctly as an "Emerging Market" non-profit.  It is important to find out from an objective third party if you have been set up correctly as an Emerging Market.

GSA Card/B2B


It's all about "Level III" processing in the GSA Card and B2B "P-Card" environment.  Level III not only gives the merchant an immediate .70 (basis point) reduction on P-Cards and Corp Cards, but it also entitles them to the special "1.25%-1.45% + 40" rate for Large Ticket transactions.  GSA/B2B merchants not currently using Level III typically save 20%-30%.

Back Office


Real Time Payments, Robotics, Shared Ledger and Blockchain tech will revolutionize both Back Office and Payments in one fell swoop.  With the Nation's first "Real Time Payments" rails coming in 2020 it might be smart to hold off on that new Back Office system.

 MOTO "Book and Ship"

Working in a warehouse environment complete with "pick lists" and forklifts?  We'll show you how to get the most out of Interchange by helping your transactions reach the highest qualification level - "Level III".  There is never a need to pay the "NonQual" rate, often over 3.50%.



No matter what processing environment you accept payments in, it is important to stay one step in front of the bad guys with the very latest PCI Compliant processing solutions.  We will ensure that your solution is 100% Security Compliant when we enroll you, and then keep it that way by updating when necessary.

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